[ P R O D U C T   D E T A I LS ]

Suitable for wall tile, floor tiles, ceramic, fireplace, glass, metal, painted wall, drywall, sealed wood, linoleum floor in kitchen, backsplash, bathroom, shower or any SMOOTH surfaces.

  • Made of premium quality self-adhesive vinyl (0.3mm) with UV protective print, laminated with top coating for extra durability and scratch resistant
  • WATER-RESISTANT  thus suitable for shower and behind kitchen sink
  • Suitable for smooth clean surface over old tile, ceramic, glass, metal, or smooth painted wall, linoleum floor
  • REMOVABLE without mess, perfect for renters
  • 100% opaque and cover up
  • Can be trimmed to fit


[ M E A S U R E M E N T ]

Accurate measurement is very important. The sticker should cover only the top flat surface of the tile. Stickers should not cover over grout-lines. Too small will expose the tile, too big till cause peeling when spill over to the grouts. Please contact us to adjust the size.


[ I N S T A L L A T I O N  ]

Applying on FLOOR TILES, watch video

Applying on WALL TILES, watch video

Applying on Non-Tiled Surface with stickers printed with Faux-Grouts, watch video


Carrara White Marble

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